10 Horror Movies That Would Have Made Better TV Shows

9. Jeepers Creepers

Vacancy 2007

Jeepers Creepers revolves around an ancient man-eating demon called The Creeper. Every 23rd spring, the fedora-sporting creature awakens to gorge on humanity for 23 days before going back into hibernation.

The first two movies take place over a period of two or three days, which spoils the whole 23-day motif. In a series, each episode could take place over several days, so the viewer has a better understanding of how time has passed, and more importantly, how much time the Creeper has left to feed.

Although the Creeper isn't as distinguished as Freddy and Jason, he is an alluring character. Since he's been around for centuries, each season could take place in a different era. It would be interesting to see how The Creeper functions in a modern setting, during medieval times, or in Ancient Rome.

He also has many abilities that were barely touched upon in the movies that can be explored better in a series. If the Creeper consumes a person's brain, he absorbs their knowledge. Hypothetically, he would become a brainiac if he devoured the mind of a scientist. Seeing the Creeper adapting and learning throughout the series would stop the character from coming across as a generic monster.


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