10 Horror Movies & TV Shows You Can No Longer Watch

These horror movies are currently trapped in the abyss.

The Night Flier
New Line Cinema

The modern prevalence of streaming has ensured there are always tens of thousands of films available at our fingertips at any moment, but it's also fair to say that there are many beloved movies that end up falling through the cracks.

For one reason or another - most often painfully vague "rights issues" - even films with sizable cult fanbases can end up trapped on older formats like DVD or even VHS.

And due to these releases typically being out of print and tricky or pricey to acquire these days, many fans either have to go without or resort to watching unsavoury bootleg streams.

This is especially true in the horror genre, given the sheer volume of titles that are released each year compared to every other genre.

And though great boutique distributors like Shout Factory and Vinegar Syndrome have done a fantastic job of preserving a bevy of cult horror classics on Blu-ray and UHD, they simply can't catch everything.

And so we come to these 10 horror films, each of which you're going to struggle to watch in a legal way in 2022, and especially in their full HD glory...

10. Freaked

The Night Flier

Alex Winter's cult classic 1993 body horror-comedy Freaked is surely one of the weirdest movies to ever be bankrolled by a major studio, enough that after disastrous test screenings, Fox dumped it in just two U.S. cinemas where it recouped a pathetic $29,296 against its $12 million budget.

But Freaked has endured as something of a cult fave in the three decades since, thriving on VHS and DVD.

Yet the early 2000s DVD release has long been out of print, and though Anchor Bay did produce a small run of Blu-rays in 2013, their rarity has made them collector's items on sites like eBay.

Additionally Freaked isn't available to stream anywhere, leaving those desperate to watch it either forking out over-the-odds for an out-of-print disc or resorting to a low-quality bootleg stream on YouTube.

Given that Freaked was a Fox movie and is now presumably owned by Disney, would it kill them to put it on Disney+? Make it happen.

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