10 Horror Movies & TV Shows You Can No Longer Watch

9. Fright Night Part 2

The Night Flier
TriStar Pictures

Though it certainly wasn't a critical fave upon release, Fright Night Part 2 fares considerably better with fans, no matter that it can't hold a candle to Tom Holland's - no, not that one - 1985 original.

Yet its frustratingly threadbare release history is uniquely, fascinatingly complex, as the film's theatrical bow was derailed by the murder of Carolco Pictures chairman José Menéndez, causing most of Part 2's U.S. distribution deals to fall through.

As a result it was a massive box office bomb, grossing barely 10% of the original before being quietly dumped on home video.

Fright Night Part 2 received a DVD release in 2003, though due to high demand it soon enough went out of print despite reviews criticising the poor quality of the transfer, which was lazily lifted from a VHS.

The best home video release to date is a widely circulated bootleg Blu-ray, which uses a high-definition TV version of the film as its source. But there hasn't been an official version in almost 20 years, nor is it available anywhere on streaming.

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