10 Horror Movies Where The Characters Are All Complete Strangers

9. The Platform (2019)

Stargate's David Hewlett and others in Cube

As a species, the human race is cursed with self-awareness, which is what has led to the rise of social mortality questions. These consist of thought experiments (like the infamous Trolley Problem) that ponder the nature of human selfishness and morality. This flick preys on that existential dread and eats it for breakfast.

The Platform is a Spanish-language movie set in a "Vertical Self-Management Centre", full of multiple platforms (no way?!) with residents divided by floors. Food is delivered to the captives on a descending table, with each floor being allowed to eat as much or as little as they want. Naturally, this leads to those at the top gorging and those at the bottom starving. But, it gets worse, as the positions are randomised every month.

The pervasive conflict of deciding whether to eat your fill or willingly ration yourself to help strangers on the lower levels poses a challenging moral question, turning the whole movie into a twisted political/social allegory. The film addresses anonymity and makes you wonder if you'd risk your life by trusting someone else to risk theirs.

Watching as the main character (Goreng) tries to survive this dog-eat-dog system will give you a scary glimpse into a dystopia and might make you lose faith in humanity.

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