10 Horror Movies Where The Villain Survives

From Wolf Creek to Don't Breathe, modern horror loves it when a villain comes out on top.

Urban Legends
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It’s a bit of a horror trope by now to have the villain live to kill again in endless sequels. Franchises such as Halloween, Friday the 13th and Saw have almost made it the norm for the bad guy to get away, but we don’t give enough credit to all the other films out there that end on the same fantastically frustrating note.

When you've sat through a full two hours of gruesome murders, torture and endless chase scenes, it can be so satisfying to see the perpetrator get offed by any remaining survivors - everybody loves an underdog. It also acts as a bit of closure at the end of the flick that the evil is finally defeated and the characters you've been rooting to survive are safe.

However this collection of movies provides no such respite. Whether they get away scot-free or barely make it out the other end clinging to life, these villains survive their movies and often go on to continue their reign of terror in an underwhelming sequel. So here we have a list of ten movies that, whether you like it or not, spare the sinner.

10. The Neon Demon

Urban Legends
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After her parents’ untimely death, a sixteen year old girl named Jesse moves from her small town in Georgia to pursue a modelling career in L.A.

Over a couple of shoots and events she meets two older models (Sarah and Gigi) and a make-up artist (Ruby) who works with models in the day and corpses at night.

Jesse starts getting weird hallucinations, Sarah and Gigi start getting jealous of her because she’s young and beautiful and Ruby starts getting it on with dead people - which is a separate but equally important issue.

Eventually the three of them attack Jesse and proceed to eat her and have a little bath in her blood. This obviously wasn’t such a stellar idea because the next day Ruby pretty much hemorrhages and Gigi coughs up an eyeball, which she finds so disgusting that she sees no other option than to stab herself. To be fair that actually isn’t that much of an overreaction.

After all this the remaining psycho, Sarah, lives on. She eats Gigi’s unwanted eyeball, goes about her day at a photoshoot and the film ends as we see her (or at least we think it’s her) walking off into the desert.


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