10 Horror Movies With The Worst CGI

Bad CGI In Horror Movies That Turned Scares Into Laughs

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Good horror is all about presentation.

Even the scariest screenplay will fall flat with audiences if it lacks in its execution, and for horror, that's all about looks.

Sure, there's more to be afraid of in what we aren't shown, but once we do finally catch a glimpse of whatever evil, supernatural or otherwise malevolent force has been sending shivers down our spine, it had better be damn believable.

Horror as a genre leans so heavily in forcing us to confront the things we can't explain, and in doing so, it sets itself a rather unique challenge: making the unbelievable believable.

When this is done right, it's terrifying. Through the use of good acting, practical effects and clever cinematography, we've seen so many ghosts, ghouls and splatterings of gore over the years that the horror audience has almost become immune to the gut-wrenching terror that these movies once inspired, but for every movie that pulls off those scares, there's another that simply doesn't.

The extensive use of CGI in horror movies is something that almost always dates the title tremendously, but the following entries go beyond that.

These are 10 times that horror movie CGI was the absolute worst.

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