10 Horror Movies With The Worst CGI

9. Deep Blue Sea

The Thing 2011
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Deep Blue Sea isn't a title that's well regarded among fans of the horror genre.

In fact, it's not a movie that's ever commanded much respect from anyone, really - including star Samuel L. Jackson, whose issues with the movie's dialogue led to its most (or only, if we're honest) memorable scene.

Jackson's character, Russell Franklin, is a corporate executive sent to investigate a research facility filled with genetically engineered sharks, but after one of the sharks escapes and begins to kill, Russell and a team of researchers take refuge in a laboratory.

Devising a plan to escape the facility, Russell begins delivering a monologue about the importance of teamwork, standing beside a pool of water. Halfway through his rousing speech, a shark leaps up, bites him, and proceeds to drag his fresh corpse down into the murky depths.

The problem with the death is that the shark - which we thankfully only see for the briefest of seconds - is rendered in woefully cartoonish CGI, making the scene feel more like a weird outtake from Space Jam than a major plot point in a horror movie.

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