10 Horror Movies With The Worst CGI

8. I Am Legend

The Thing 2011
Warner Bros.

I Am Legend tells the increasingly believable tale of a world ravaged by a virus, bringing about the apocalypse.

When a mutated form of the measles virus is used as a cure for cancer, things go predictably awry. 90% of mankind is killed outright, and most of the rest are turned into vampiric creatures known as 'Darkseekers'. That is, all but 0.2% of the human population, who appear to be immune entirely.

One such lucky guy is virologist Robert Neville (Will Smith), who lives in the abandoned ruins of Manhattan with his dog, desperately hoping to find other survivors. He also spends his spare time attempting to find a cure that will work on any survivors he might find.

While the ruins of Manhattan actually look pretty impressive, the movie's visuals fall short where it really counts: the Darkseekers.

Intended to lend a little urgency to Neville's struggle to survive, the Darkseekers ultimately fail to conjure any real emotion from I Am Legend's audience.

The reason? They all look like they've been ripped straight from a mid-'00s PlayStation cutscene. A few practical effects would have been enough to make them adequately menacing, but all we got instead was disappointment.

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