10 Horror Movies With The Worst Monster Reveal

9. Boogeyman - Boogeyman

Alien Resurrection The Newborn
Screen Gems

For centuries, there have been folktales of a demonic entity who preys on the weak and innocent. Depending on the culture, this being is known as the pooka, the bugaboo, the mumus, and the bobo (which sounds hilarious).

But to many, this monster is simply referred to as the Boogeyman. Since this ghostly creature is known across the globe, it's no surprise he's inspired several film adaptations, including a 2005 film, simply called Boogeyman.

Our story opens with a child called Tim witnessing his father being murdered by the titular monster. 16 years later, Tim finds himself unable to move on from his father's murder, encouraging him to learn more about the Boogeyman. Although Tim and his colleagues encounter the nebulous creature several times, we don't get a good look at it until the end.

But when the Boogeyman does finally appear, you can understand why he wasn't revealed sooner. Due to his janky movements and untextured CGI, it looks like the filmmakers gave up half-way through animating the nefarious character.

Because of how badly he turned out, it would've been more sensible if we never saw the Boogeyman directly, leaving his appearance to the viewers' imagination.


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