10 Huge Crossover Events For Marvel’s Phase 4

What could be next after Civil and Infinity War?

Gone are the days when something as small as sticking Black Widow into Iron Man 2 would be enough to excite the fans of Marvel's films. Now, after two gigantic Avengers movies and all those teasing post-credits stings, audiences have come to expect a bit more. In reaction to this, Marvel Studios have turned Captain America 3 into Captain America: Civil War, lifting beats Mark Millar€™s massive comic book crossover of the same name and stuffing shedloads of other superheroes into what was originally perceived as a solo adventure for Steve Rogers. Meanwhile, Hulk is set to appear in Thor: Ragnarok and they're also developing Infinity War €“ an Avengers story so huge in its crossover-friendly scope that they€™ve had to spread it over two movies. After these three films reach cinemas, audiences will continue expecting massive Marvel movies with tonnes of cameos and lots of inter-franchise crossover excitement. Luckily for Kevin Feige and his cohorts, the comic book source material offers plentiful potential for more sprawling team-up movies. So, here are ten of the best Marvel Comics crossovers that could feed into Phase 4 of the movies€

10. Original Sin

A spacefaring adventure where loads of Avengers became embroiled in a murder mystery of galactic proportions, Marvel Comics€™ big 2014 crossover Original Sin certainly has movie potential. It focused on the murder of a cosmic entity called The Watcher who had formerly kept an eye on Earth from his base on the Moon. Young superhero Nova was the last good guy to see The Watcher alive, before an unseen killer shot him dead and exploded his base. Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury headed to space to investigate, and a twisty narrative of suspects, motives and deception unfolded from there. Black Panther, Ant-Man, The Winter Soldier, Gamora, Doctor Strange, The Punisher and many more Marvel heroes got involved in the investigation, which featured several bizarre leads for Earth€™s Mightiest Heroes to look into. Hunting for a killer isn€™t the usual pastime of an Avenger, which allowed Original Sin to push Marvel€™s stable of characters out of their comfort zones. A change of pace like this could be interesting for the filmic Avengers. But, of course, for Original Sin to work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the idea of The Watcher would need to be established before Phase 4. That wouldn€™t be too difficult, though; all it would take is a quick establishing scene within Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Thor: Ragnarok or Infinity War.

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