10 Huge MCU Casting Rumours For Marvel's Phase 4

The MCU as we know it will be changed forever if these rumours prove to be correct...


Unfortunately, every upcoming Marvel Studios movie and TV show has been put on hold as a result of current world events. Black Widow was supposed to kick off Phase 4, but it no longer has a release date, and it's easy to imagine the likes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Eternals slipping into 2020.

The rumour mill doesn't stop turning, though, and there are plenty of huge claims out there about which big names are going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next few years. Now, we've compiled a list of the biggest, and it's no exaggeration to say that these heroes and villains joining this shared comic book world could be an absolute game-changer moving forward.

From the next potential big bad of the MCU to the heroes starring in those new Disney+ TV shows and even names we never though we'd see in Phase 4, it's an exciting time to be a Marvel fan, and Kevin Feige and company clearly have some big plans moving forward. Not all of these will come to pass, of course, but there's a strong chance many of them will.

Disney may have been forced to hit the pause button on the MCU for the time being, but make no mistake about it: Phase 4 should definitely be worth the wait...


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