10 HUGE MCU Phase Four Fan Theories That Could Come True

Has Gorr the God Butcher's weapon already played a role in the MCU?

Silver Surfer Chukwudi Iwuji Peacemaker
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After having to wait a seemingly unending 18 months after the conclusion of Phase Three, Phase Four of the MCU is not only here but is now in full stride. In a matter of days, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will boast as many movies as both Phase One and Phase Two, as well as six-and-counting series on Disney+.

On top of this there is still so much to come from the MCU across Phase Four, with so many more projects announced, and who knows how many still being kept a secret. It’s unclear even at this point exactly when Phase Four will end, or what its defining chapter will be - as the Avengers movies have been previously - but that isn’t the only uncertainty.

As always, Marvel Studios have played their cards very close to their chest with the upcoming MCU slate, giving out only very few and very vague details. This of course leads to one of the greatest, and certainly most fun aspects of being a fan of the MCU. The theories.

At this point in time, with all the unthinkable things that have happened over the course of the MCU, there are literally no fan theories that could be deemed too crazy. These really are half the fun of getting excited for a movie or a TV show, and the fans have come up with some big theories based on what we have seen, and what is still yet to come in Phase Four.

10. The Thunderbolts Roster

Silver Surfer Chukwudi Iwuji Peacemaker
Marvel Studios

If the rumours are to be believed, there is now a Thunderbolts movie currently in development at Marvel Studios. Essentially Marvel’s answer to the Suicide Squad, this will almost certainly be a lot of fun, but the big question straight off the bat revolves around the roster of the team.

We’re looking at a group of villains and anti-heroes, and the MCU has given no shortage of options to look at. Starting with the most obvious, it would appear that this is what Val has been building to with her two MCU appearances so far in Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With her she will bring Yelena Belova and John Walker, but who else?

Bucky seems like the kind of character such a team was made for, while Ant-Man and the Wasp villain-turned-potential-anti-hero Ghost would also make a fine and unique addition. With the Abomination’s return to the MCU in Shang-Chi and soon She-Hulk, he can’t be ruled out, and Taskmaster will almost certainly be involved.

Looking further afield, could we even see the debut of one or two Netflix MCU characters in this team? Where better to bring in John Bernthal’s Frank Castle than as a Thunderbolt?


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