10 HUGE MCU Phase Four Fan Theories That Could Come True

9. Tony Stark's Death Is An Absolute Point

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With Phase Four of the MCU, the multiverse has opened, and with it has come a handful of brand new concepts and ideas. One of these was introduced in episode four of What If…?, when the Ancient One explained to Stephen Strange that Christine Palmer’s death was an absolute point.

This essentially meant that no matter what happened, no matter what changed, in whatever universe, Christine Palmer would die. This was an absolute point in that it was an event across the multiverse that simply had to happen, and though it has been the only such thing confirmed in the MCU so far, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more.

What about the death of Tony Stark? He, of course, died when he snapped his fingers to defeat Thanos on Earth-616; he was killed by Killmonger, Ultron, and a zombie apocalypse in What If…? across several different realities; and since Ultron existed on Earth-838 but there was no Tony Stark to be seen in the Illuminati or on Titan at Thanos’ defeat, it could be assumed that he has died in this universe as well.

Tony's sacrifice during the Battle of Earth was a character-defining one, but would the universe just have found a different way to kill him anyway?


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