10 Huge Movie Moments That Didn't Matter At All

9. Christopher's Story - Silent Hill (2006)

Bond Skyfall

Silent Hill sees desperate mother Rose take her adopted daughter Sharon to the mysterious town of Silent Hill to investigate the kid’s nightmares about the place. Rose and Sharon disappear into the sideways hell dimension that the town fell into years ago, leaving husband and father Christopher back in the real world, baffled and searching for answers.

Silent Hill intercuts between Rose and Christopher’s dual searches. Although the film spends a lot more time with Rose (since all the cool scary sh*t is happening to her), both characters are set up to be protagonists: Christopher comes close to finding Rose, and clearly has a powerful connection to his wife.

Christopher’s search leads him to a thirty-year-old photo of his nine-year-old daughter, and visiting the orphanage she came from, it seems as though he’s about to get the answers he’s after - whereupon he’s arrested by the cop who was supposedly helping him earlier, who menacingly tells him to go home.

That moment of revelation and confrontation sets up Christopher to elude the cops, find his answers and help save his wife and kid, right? Nooope. We next see our supposed hero nearly half an hour later, being escorted out of town - and then he just goes home, like a good boy.

Apparently the character’s inclusion was a last-minute sop to the studio: since almost all the cast were female, they came up with Christopher to trick the producers into thinking the film would have a male protagonist. Shame they ended up tricking the audience too.


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