10 Huge Sequels That Were Announced (And Then Just Disappeared)

4. Elf 2

In a world where so many actors leap at the chance for another sequel and a bigger paycheck (see: Russell Crowe), Will Ferrell steps in to save the day! Even though he was offered quite a large sum to don the tights and pointy-toed shoes once more, Ferrell turned down the request because of the fear of compromising his ethics, and receiving the inevitable blame if the sequel turned out to be a farce. Due to Ferrell's prompt response and subsequent obliteration of sequel plans, no plot details were released to the public. Perhaps the filmmakers themselves were unsure of what direction the comedy would have taken, but I think it's safe to say it wouldn't have received high marks. As a rule, the majority of comedy sequels lack a certain something to make them fan favorites, simply because their predecessors are not likely to leave the audience wanting more out of the story. For Elf, the plot was pretty much wrapped up with a shiny bow by the end credits; a sequel would have seemed forced, at best. Thank you once again, Will Ferrell. You're an inspiration to us all.
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