10 Huge Sequels That Were Announced (And Then Just Disappeared)

5. Back To The Future 4 & 5

I want you to take a moment to envision your first experience with Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Close your eyes, and picture that time traveling Delorean, burning it's way over the asphalt or taking to the sky. Now picture a UFO crashing to earth, Doc Brown and his new female assistant powerless to stop it. In fact, the Doc has inadvertently caused the crash, so now it's Rule 63 Marty's job to clean up the mess. Alright, please stop imagining now. Please. Believe it or not, this is precisely the plot that was considered for a fourth and fifth installment to the series, even if it was only for a brief period of time. The rumor was that Ed Solomon had been commissioned to write those treatments, which he did in fact do, and that the films would have seen the departure of Michael J. Fox and the heralding in of a new star; there had even been talks of casting Sarah Michelle Gellar as the plucky lead. I think we can all agree that the Back to the Future franchise would have been ill-served by abandoning the actor that carried at least 50% of the weight in order to make the trilogy a classic in it's own right. Perhaps it's the implementation of a new main character, or maybe it's the whole "UFO crashing to earth" trope, but something about the sequel treatments just seems slightly different from the feel of the first three films, and it's probably for the best that they never became more than briefly considered concepts.
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