10 Hyped 2019 Movies That Disappointed Everyone

Some didn't live up to incredibly high expectations... some were just bad.

Toy Story 4

In 2019, there is no way for a movie's release to come and go without a lot of hype. Through the traditional channels of marketing campaigns and trailers, to word of mouth and the wonder that is social media, if a movie is coming out, you are bound to hear about it.

Of course, some movies are hyped up more than others, be they remakes of popular films from the past, the next instalment in a lucrative franchise, or include a key cast member with a huge Instagram following. 2019 has been no different, showcasing some of the biggest movies in history.

Some of these live up to the hype. There would be few people out there that contributed to its world record box office numbers that felt let down by Avengers: Endgame. Then there are those that completely eclipse any and all expectations, like Todd Phillips' Joker.

Too many movies however, fail to live up to the fervour surrounding them. Paying your hard earned money for a ticket to see something that falls way short of what you were expecting is extremely deflating, and unfortunately, 2019 had more than enough of this disappointment to go around.

10. Rambo: Last Blood

Toy Story 4

For the first time in over ten years, 2019 saw Sylvester Stallone once again suit up to portray John Rambo. The fifth, and based on the title, what seems to be the final entry in the franchise that started in 1982, should have been a fitting end to a legendary character. Instead, Last Blood simply limped over the finish line.

There is nothing particularly memorable about the movie. From the supporting characters, to the boring villains and the basic plot, Rambo's should-be last dance left a lot to be desired.

Stallone's other long running, classic character driven franchise was given a shot in the arm from 2016's Creed, which has allowed it to enjoy a few more years of relevance. Rambo, however, returned from its 11 year hiatus with just another generic action movie.

It raises the question: what was the point in bringing the character back for something like this? It wasn't anything different to what we've seen before, and it wasn't a final flourish for a character and franchise whose best days are firmly in the past.

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