10 Hypothetical Movie Prequels That Will Make Billions

Hypothetical Prequels Man, do I love prequels, even more than I love remakes! Telling a story once? Only seeing a tiny sliver of these characters€™ lives? No, thank you. In my very expensive creative writing MFA program, we were always taught to show up late and leave early. I disagree with that wholeheartedly. Show up early, show up crazy early. Get yourself that good seat at the front of the line. So, I€™m wild about prequels. Show me how Vito Corleone got started in America. Let me see Kirk and Spock meet for the first time, or how James Bond became a Double-O agent. The only thing I feel nearly as strongly about is making other people money. I€™m a simple guy with few needs, I don€™t need much money. But if I can make someone else a boatload of money? Hell yeah. With that in mind, allow me to present ten outstanding movie prequels that will generate an insane amount of revenue. Hollywood, if you€™re out there, all I ask in exchange for these diamonds is a mention in the €œThanks€ part of the end credits, should you make these movies. €œSpecial Thanks€ section would be nice, but isn€™t necessary.

10. Furya - A Prequel For The Riddick Trilogy

Riddick A surprise hit, a well told story, the birth of a movie star. Pitch Black was a great example of how you could do a lot with a little if you had a solid concept to stand upon. Then Vin Diesel and crew kept running with it, making video games, animations, and a sequel with a budget five times as big as the original. And yet, somehow, there€™s never been a prequel film. The new installment of this saga is on its way soon. After that, I think they should jump back to the very beginning with a movie entitled FURYA. The tragic circumstances of Riddick€™s childhood, the road that led to the man he became. This movie would be huge.
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