10 Iconic Batman Comics That Should Be Movies (But Won't Ever Be)

Is the world ready for a drug-addled pizza-craving Batman to hit the big screen?

As a character, Batman is a law unto himself. Who else could be portrayed as a flamboyant TV personality one moment and a dark crusader in the next? Ultimately, Bruce Wayne is one of the most complex characters ever created, providing writers with the freedom to put their own unique stamp on his legacy, all while maintaining that instantly recognisable persona. Batman obviously started out in comics, but while his brand has since expanded out into various forms of media, the original source material is where creators can still be most flexible with his identity. As such, numerous incarnations of Bruce Wayne have been written in the past seventy-five years, many of which won't ever reach cinemas. That may be because of a multitude of things. Some may simply not work on a cinematic level due to the nature of film, while others that could become successful are outright avoided by studios still averse to taking bigger risks with their most iconic properties. For fans of darker, wilder Batman material that is bad news, because it means some seriously iconic material will never make it to screen. A quick heads up: Vampire Batman didn't make the list, because Blade Trinity ruined Dracula for everyone.
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