10 Iconic Movie Characters And The Items That Define Them

They say that clothes make the man, but there are also items that define a character. Sure, the film characters on this list rock our world on their own terms, but they became icons with these trusty items at their sides....

1. Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum

If you haven't seen a Dirty Harry movie, you're either too young or I'm too old. He defined 'badass' in the 70's and 80's, making five solid entries into the lexicon. And who didn't think about buying one of these hand cannons after watching him spit iron at bad guys? Trust me, I own one and that thing packs a wallop. Trivia: In Sudden Impact he actually loses his esteemed pistol and gets an automag as a replacement. Rumor is that gun jammed like crazy and he kept tossing it in the water during scenes when it did. They hired a diver to make sure it didn't sink to the bottom of the Pacific.

2. Indiana Jones' Whip (and Fedora)

I vacillated on the two here for a while, choosing to go with the whip in the end. When I first got a hold of an actual whip years after Raiders first aired I tried to wrap it around stuff like he did. Alas, Indy must know a wrist fling or secretly be Spider-Man because I couldn't do any of the tricks he could (of course the whip he had somehow changed lengths depending on the scene and what he needed to swing from). That was a genius idea to give a character a weapon like that. It certainly helped him get out of tight spots. The Fedora is a personal favorite. I bought one years ago but felt like a chump in it. I didn't have that coolness that Indy has when he lifts the brow up and gives that iconic smirk. In each of the four movies there is a scene where he loses his hat and somehow gets it back miraculously before it's too late.
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