10 Iconic Performances That Weren't Even Nominated For An Oscar

It's an honor just to be nominated. If you actually are nominated, that is.

Despite knowing perfectly well that awards season is a totally inaccurate metric by which to measure a performance's quality, you probably still invest far more importance on it than you should. But then again, if it's so meaningless, why is the title of "Oscar-winner" or "Oscar-nominee" the one thing that an actor can add to their resume that will give them significantly more weight to their name? Everybody pretends it doesn't matter, but whenever a new movie comes out, the commercials and posters have to list off all the actors' major awards, as though that somehow proves the film's legitimacy. So even though movie fans don't want to care about the Academy Awards, it still stings a little bit when really talented actors do amazing work in a certain film and are left out in the cold, with not even a nomination as a conciliation prize. And over the years, there have been some real doozies, and incredible performances were left totally unrecognized by the heartless Academy. Some of these you look back on and seriously wonder if the entire voting base collectively decided to try ecstasy on the day that they were supposed to pick the nominees.


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