10 Iconic Performances That Weren't Even Nominated For An Oscar

10. Charlie Chaplin - City Lights

It's sort of incredible that although Charlie Chaplin was arguably one of the most influential performers in all of film history, the only Oscars he received were honorary awards, which are less of an honor and more of an apology. (That and a Best Music award for Limelight in 1952, but since this is about his career as an actor, it doesn't count.) But the most egregious example of Charlie Chaplin being overlooked was the lack of acknowledgement he received for his work on City Lights. It's one of his greatest cinematic achievements, and for Charlie Chaplin, that's saying something. City Lights is the story of a tramp, who falls in love with a young woman. The only problem is that she's blind, and she thinks that he's a rich man because of the eccentric clothing he wears. It's a sweet, funny movie, and the relationship between the two main characters is so touching that it creates one of Chaplin's more emotional pieces. If you asked the man himself, he would tell you that City Lights is the best movie he ever made, and his personal favorite. Silly, silly Oscar voters.

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