10 Incredible Body Transformations For Upcoming Movies

Dying at the gym (or dyeing at the salon) for your craft...

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You have to admit that most actors are willing to die for their craft—or at the very least to dye for it. Most actors jump at the chance to become unrecognizable, with talented thespians well aware that a role that transforms everything the audience knows about them is a perfect opportunity to be completely immersed in a new character.

That being said, plenty of actors are more than happy to make a living trading off a recognizable image and see no great need to rock the boat by constantly reinventing themselves in the eyes of the public. There’s no need to look any further than poor Adam Sandler to see a recent case of an actor who went to great lengths to reinvent himself, only to be snubbed come awards season.

Obviously, the Academy must still be annoyed about Jack and Jill. Despite this sort of risk, many actors are still throwing themselves into any opportunity to transform themselves, as evidenced by these examples from forthcoming films.

10. Jared Leto (Morbius)

Simon Pegg Inheritance
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Jared Leto is, to put it mildly, no stranger to the torturous process of transforming his body in pursuit of a perfect performance. The actor could almost put Hollywood’s king of disguise Christian Bale to shame with the ricocheting extremes his weight has trampolined between. However, not all of these gambles have paid off.

Where Bale is almost always lauded for the projects he’s put his body through hell for, Leto’s track record is… Well, let’s just say none of us would be happy with the reviews Chapter 27 garnered if we were the ones drinking olive oil every day for three months while preparing for the role.

That said, some of the thespian’s efforts have been rewarded, like his massive weight loss to play an AIDS-affected transwoman Rayon in 2013’s moving Dallas Buyers’ Club. The trick, Jared, is to pick a good project first—it doesn’t hurt to put in the effort once it’s in service of a halfway decent flick.

With that in mind, here’s hoping his huge muscle gains for Morbius, an upcoming DC project which sees him play the titular “living vampire”, will be worth the massive effort required to pull off his body transformation.

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