10 Incredible Body Transformations For Upcoming Movies

9. Mick Jagger (Burnt Orange Heresy)

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For some more extravagant stars, a wholesale body transformation can be as simple as dressing relatively normally and dropping their more dramatic and flamboyant trademarks in favour of a less-recognizable wardrobe. Just look at Rolling Stones frontman and world’s coolest septuagenarian competitor Mick Jagger in the upcoming flick Burnt Orange Heresy.

The iconic rock legend plays an art dealer in this thriller, and it’s clear from the trailer alone that he’s unrecognizable, eschewing his typically outre attire for muted suits and a style which—well, which could pass for a normal person.

It’s a far cry from the singer’s onstage attire and his everyday style, both of which have attracted attention for decades due to their flashy excess. Jagger is an icon for his frequently shirtless performances and always-daring looks, but here he plays a reserved collector, and between the slicked-back grey hair and used car salesman suits, there’s not an ounce of the rock and roll superstar to be seen on screen.

Time will tell whether the film is worth the work of turning the rock god into one of us mere mortals, but one thing is for certain: any fan would struggle to see the instantly iconic star of Performance and countless other seventies-set counter-cultural mindbenders beneath this mild mannered seventy-something stuffed suit.

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