10 Incredible Casts That Were Wasted On Really Awful Movies

Ever heard the phrase "too many cooks spoil the broth"? Well, this is like that, but with actors instead.

Many of us film fans can be attracted to certain pictures simply by the casts that they boast. Irregardless of who the director is, or even what the plot is about, if your favourite actor is appearing in an upcoming movie, you are more than likely going to give it a try anyway. When we are anticipating a film, there's not many things that are more exciting than hearing news regarding the actors cast in said film. Whether it's Pulp Fiction or 12 Angry Men, a great cast can sometimes be the difference between a good film and a classic film. But sometimes, no matter how stratospherically talented a cast is, a film cannot be saved. If a film has a poor concept, script or director, throwing an all-star cast into the mix isn't a surefire way to iron out the potential problems in the film (someone should tell Michael Bay). Or sometimes the casting is simply questionable: if an actor's style doesn't fit the film, then it doesn't matter how big the name is on the poster, it simply just won't work - John Wayne playing Genghis Khan springs to mind. So what happens when an terrific bunch of talented actors are cast in a film that has been poorly made, be it due to poor writing, direction or story? And what happens when a bunch of actors are simply miscast, instead of playing to their strengths? Click the 'next' button below to begin the list and find out the top 10 incredible casts that were wasted in awful movies...

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