10 Incredible Casts That Were Wasted On Really Awful Movies

10. Armageddon

Cast: Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Will Patton, Owen Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jason Isaacs, William Fichtner, Peter Stormare, Keith David and Jessica Steen. Worryingly, this isn't Michael Bay's worst film, but it deserves to make this list anyway. Perhaps even more worryingly, despite Bay's severe lack of storytelling ability, he has always managed to make wildly successful films. So with that in mind, is it maybe possible that we're missing something? Nah. Armageddon can revel in its quality of actors, ranging all the way from Bruce Willis to Steve Buscemi, from William Fichtner to Michael Clarke Duncan, but even they can't save this mess of a script (which interestingly, Michael Bay didn't write, so he can't be blamed for everything I suppose). Armageddon is an overlong, overly sentimental piece of Americana that fails in making its audiences care about the abundance of deaths and danger due to the simple fact that it tries too hard to pluck at our heart strings. The power ballad from Aerosmith might be a good song, but only when you're in a drunken loved-up state that you will soon come to rue the morning after. It's a shame really, because Armageddon - and even Michael Bay at this point in his career on the back of impressive action feast The Rock - had an awful lot of potential, and not just because of the talented cast. The story is a decent attempt and the effects are pretty good, but furious pace of the editing and the gung ho! American hero story was enough for the late great Roger Ebert to state that Armageddon was an assault on the human desire to be entertained.

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