10 Incredible Movie Easter Eggs That Went Totally Over Your Head

10. There Is A Starbucks Cup Visible In Every Scene In Fight Club

Fight Club Starbucks

Fight Club is, among other things, a blatant stab at the way in which consumerism has taken over our lives. Much of the movie's runtime is dedicated to analysing the idea that we're being duped by giant corporations, which is presumably why director David Fincher decided to include a Starbucks coffee cup in every single scene in the movie. I'm not kidding.

In every scene in Fight Club, there's a Starbucks coffee cup hidden somewhere - you just have to be bothered to look. This is a clever little touch, of course, given the themes of the story - it nicely highlights how we're all being subtly controlled and tricked into buying the same things. Though occasionally the coffee cups are difficult to spot, I can assure you they're there.

Now that you know that, of course, it's kind of impossible to watch the movie in the same way. So I guess I just ruined the Fight Club for you? Or maybe I didn't. Maybe what we all really want is a delicious, handcrafted Starbucks coffee. Buy Starbucks buy Starbucks buy Starbucks...


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