10 Incredible Movie Scenes You Never Got To See

Some scenes never make it to Deleted Scenes territory, and there's little hope of ever seeing them.


When you go to the movies to see whatever hot new release is getting all the buzz, what you end up watching is only a fraction of what was shot. Directors tend to film segments that end up on the cutting room floor.

Occasionally, the scenes that get cut are shown to the public in a Director's Cut, or they are released alongside the movie as "Deleted Scenes," but that's still only a small amount of what was originally filmed for a movie, and often, you only get to see the clips that were cut for brevity.

While most fans love watching deleted scenes, there's an even more elusive bit of content that didn't make it to the final cut. Planned, unfilmed, or scrapped parts tend to make it through the planning process, though they end up being taken out before portions of them are shot.

When word of these cut bits hit the public's ear, a widespread demand to see them typically follows, but it's not always possible. The negatives could have been destroyed, or it may not have made it out of the storyboard phase, so the chances of seeing them drop to zero.

These ten scenes almost made it to Director's Cut territory, but because they didn't quite get that far, there's a good chance you'll never get to see them.

10. Worldwide Destructionn By Zod And His Pals In Superman II

Warner Bros.

Richard Donner was booted from the director's chair while filming Superman II over tensions between himself and the studio. When that happened, about three-quarters of the film had already made it to print, but 25% of a movie is still a pretty big chunk of content to be filmed.

Richard Lester was brought in by the studio to finish work on the movie, but he didn't agree with some of the choices his predecessor made. Fortunately, for fans of Donner's work, 2006 saw the release of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, but even that didn't add everything Donner intended.

That cut was considerably different than the one that hit theaters because the only way Lester could get full credit for directing Superman II was if he shot 50% of the movie. This meant that he had to reshoot and reimagine several scenes that were already finished, but it also meant scrapping some of Donner's ideas.

One of the scenes that Lester decided not to film involved Zod, Non, and Ursa spreading destruction across the planet. Originally, this was planned as a montage of destruction targeting the world's most famous and beloved monuments, but Lester killed the idea, so it wasn't filmed.


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