10 Incredible Movies With Just ONE Awful Scene

Every movie has its flaws...

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Every film has its flaws, even all-time classics like Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Seven Samurai, Sunset Boulevard and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Given how complicated making a successful movie actually is (despite how effortless some movies make great film-making look) and how many moving parts have to come together in exactly the right way in order for a movie to work, this is hardly surprising. That being said, the presence of awful movie moments within otherwise great movies is always very jarring.

These following 12 movies are examples of stunning cinematic works that largely make for great viewings, but viewers will still be unpleasantly surprised by the single awful scene lurking within each of them. More than anything else, these movies prove that no matter how much talent you get on-board, no movie is perfect. Except for Apocalypse Now. Maybe.

10. Oldboy - Attempted Rape

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Oldboy is a devastating, impeccably crafted and unbearably powerful masterpiece that’s arguably among the finest films ever made. Unfortunately, it does have one appallingly misjudged scene.

After Mi-Do takes protagonist Oh Dae-Su back to her flat after he collapses in her restaurant, Dae-Su attempts to rape Mi-Do in her bathroom. Afterwards, she is forgiving towards him and she then gives a rather cringe-worthy speech about how she actually likes him and wants him to “give it to her” when she’s ready to be intimate with him.

It’s likely this scene was included to show how 15 years of solitary confinement has destroyed Dae-su psychologically, but surely there was a less uncomfortable way to show that then this? Throughout the rest of the film, the relationship between Dae-su (who is very remorseful for what he tried to do) and Mi-Do is actually very well-done, but it does have an incredibly problematic start here. Oldboy is known for being a messed-up film, but with this moment things went a bit too far.

Perhaps the only way in which the terrible American remake improved on the original was by removing any trace of this scene.

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