10 Incredible Scenes Trapped In Otherwise Bad Movies

No movie is all bad.

It€™s very easy to hate on terrible movies, but just because it€™s popular to rip on their broken promises and empty plots, that doesn€™t make those movies completely devoid of value. Even the worst movies are still made by a large number of competent and creative individuals, ensuring that there€™s usually still some good to be found. In some cases, these standout moments were the kind of inspired action set piece that were missing form the rest of the movie. In others, it€™s a strong character moment amidst an otherwise thin narrative. What all these memorable scenes have in common, somewhat ironically, is that only make us hate these movies even more. It shows what they could have achieved, if only things had gone slightly differently. This wasted potential further factors into why these movies are so despised, which in turn makes its bright moments stand out even more. It€™s a vicious cycle, one which has culminated in a number of extraordinary scenes from otherwise awful movies that might as well be their own short films.


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