10 Incredible Sci-Fi Movie Universes We Need More Of

Some are happening, some probably won't. We want them all.

Mad Max Fury Road
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Escapism is no better encapsulated than in the inclusive genre of science-fiction. With flying cars and computer simulations, audiences often fall head-first into one of the industry’s most lucrative genres, yearning for worlds afar and fantastical inventions.

We have walked the streets of grimy cities speckled with holographic advertisements; swept across the rushing rivers of alien worlds on the backs of flying beasts; and every now and again, jumped into lightspeed.

We have seen many brilliant realisations of futuristic universes and while we lap it up, sometimes it simply isn’t enough. Sometimes they are just so expansive and dense that they beg to be explored outside the confines of the films they are neatly presented in. These are the sci-fi universes that merely watered our appetites, and left us begging for more.

10. Terminator

Mad Max Fury Road
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The Terminator franchise has been through the wringer over the last decade. With the lacklustre Salvation, the horrendous Genysis, and the just-off-the-mark Dark Fate, the Terminator universe needs a truly great treatment.

It is a franchise that has failed to really capture the hearts of movie-goers since the glory-days of Judgement Day. With films being written out of canon and consistently sticking to the John/Sarah Connor saga, the universe could use a new sense of direction.

The most obvious choice is the skull-scattered post-apocalypse, which has been teased throughout all films, and disappointingly shown in Salvation. An R-Rated rendition of the rubble-scorned and Terminator-filled world really is what any fan of the franchise truly wants to see.

Smaller stories, and ones less concerned with the leaders of the resistance and well-doing Terminators could play host to a excellent film – especially since anyone outside of the Connor family or archetype has been nothing more than glorified extras up until this point.


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