10 Incredible Sci-Fi Movie Universes We Need More Of

9. Alita: Battle Angel


Robert Rodriguez delivered a surprisingly big budget adaptation of the Gunnm manga, and it was actually quite good. It has cyborg hitmen, the floating cities of the rich, the ancient fighting style of Panzer Kunst, and Christoph Waltz trying his best to convince the world that he can wield a giant CGI rocket pickaxe.

Alita was a decent offering of lighthearted and fun sci-fi, as it recreated the wacky Motorball tournament and featured an Ed Norton cameo that would leave him twiddling his evil moustache if he had one, as the big bad to come, Nova.

With hints of a larger world and the popular manga, along with following stories to work off of, fans would love to see more outside the walls of Scrapyard as well as diving into the elusive Mars-based past that haunts the amnesiac Alita.

After a disappointing return at the box office, a sequel to Alita seems unlikely, but with a loyal and vocal fanbase, we can only dream that we will see the big eyed warrior take on the elitist city Zalem and Nova along with it.


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