10 Incredibly Annoying Characters Who Almost Ruined 2013 Movies

"Whammy?" It was barely even funny the first time.

2013 was a decent year for movies, though it wasn't quite as fulfilling as some of us thought it would be just over a year ago. We had high expectations for some of the year's most mild disappointments, while other movies ended up becoming pleasant surprises in a year full of occasionally spectacular misfires. Still, it was a good year overall, with some great performances coming out of the biggest studios. But even despite the healthiness of the industry as a whole, there were a number of distracting characters who almost single-handedly derailed even the best received films of the year. The annoying side character is an over-prevalent trend in Hollywood, with directors and studios attracted to cheap comic relief, or the marketability factor of a brightly-coloured, moronic presence who will no doubt extend well beyond the boundaries of their own film with merchandise, toys and probably a spin-off that the kids will love and everyone else will rightly consider tantamount to sensory torture. Despite their inevitable impact, big but ultimately disposable characters like Jar Jar Binks are inevitably divisive: they add colour, yes, but they also make rage boil over, and it remains worrying to see the lack of restraint some writers and directors show in writing them into otherwise great films. And sometimes it's not even that they're particularly bad characters (which definitely cannot be said of Binks) - they're just woefully misused, or badly written (as Anakin Skywalker ultimately became.) Whatever the nature of the annoyance, 2013 saw a number of high-profile annoying characters who tried their best (and thankfully mostly failed) to ruin some of the best films of the year.

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