10 Incredibly Disturbing Horror Movie Moments

Whoever comes up with this stuff needs a break.


Horror is a genre that always plays to the worst sides of humanity. Those who create films of this nature have some horrible ideas when it comes to shocking their audiences. They often try to infuse moments within their movies that catch audiences off guard and haunt them well after the title is finished.

In many cases, these can come across as cheap, designed only with the intention of selling the product as a gore fest or to generate shock value. However, in other instances, it can ultimately work in regards to the context of the story. The entries on this list flicker between these two mediums.

These sequences created something that caused audiences everywhere to feel disgusted and terrified. Modern horror movies can sometimes feel surprisingly tame. But the same cannot be said for these scenes, as the creators decided to throw tameness out of the window.

With Halloween approaching, it feels like an appropriate time to explore darkness and address some of the most disturbing moments from horror movies both new and old.

Spoiler and massive violence trigger warnings are in effect.


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