10 Incredibly Innovative Uses Of Slow Motion In Movies

9. Bullet Dodge - The Matrix

The Matrix Likely the most iconic and memorable shot on this entire list comes from one of cinema's most innovative action movies, The Matrix. Before we even get to the rooftop scene in question, this is a film that has already wowed us with its stupendous visual effects, including countless other panoramic slow-motion shots, presenting a style that would be readily copied by just about every action movie and video game ever since. The scene that blew us all away, however, featured Neo (Keanu Reeves) running out of ammo on top of a roof while being faced with an agent. The agent fires his gun, and so begins a technically astounding shot, as the camera appears to spin around Neo in slow motion while he dodges the bullets (though does get grazed by that last one, admittedly). The shot was achieved by using a 360-degree rack of cameras, with each being timed to take one frame, which were then all blended together into the mind-blowing final shot.

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