10 Indiana Jones Movies You Won't Believe Almost Happened

Indy fighting ghostly Barons in Scotland? Riding a rhinoceros into Nazi tanks? Teaming up with a kiss-hungry gorilla? Take our money!!

Arguably the greatest hero in all of cinema history, Indiana Jones has captured the imaginations of generations and generations of movie fans ever since he first made his debut in Steven Spielberg's classic adventure flick Raiders of the Lost Ark all the way back in 1981. Clad in his iconic leather jacket and brown fedora, wielding a whip as his primary weapon (secondary to only a sardonic quip), Jones embodies everything that is great about movie heroes - sure, he's cool, resourceful, and good with the ladies, but he's also self-deprecating and kind of clumsy, too. Based on the serial heroes that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg grew up watching as kids, Indiana Jones - mostly thanks to Harrison Ford's legendary portrayal - managed to transcend his origins as a B-movie character and is now recognisable the world over through his silhouette alone. As an archaeologist, we've thus far journeyed with Indy on four adventures as he battled against the forces of evil (mainly Nazis), evil cults and, uh, the occasional alien, in order to recover the world's most sacred artefacts before they fall into the wrong hands (mainly bloody Nazis). With the recent rumours flying about - regarding a potential reboot of the franchise (with Bradley Cooper being eyed to take the bullwhip from Ford), it got us thinking about all those Indiana Jones projects that were never realised over the years - some of them awesome, some of them bad, and some of them downright insane. Join us, then, as we take a look back across the history of Indiana Jones movies that almost happened, but didn't materialise for various reasons. Certainly some of the shelved plots glimpsed here are much better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

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