10 Indiana Jones Movies You Won't Believe Almost Happened

10. Indiana Jones And The Lost World

Indiana Jones Dinosaurs When George Lucas originally came up with the idea for Indiana Jones, he told his buddy Steven Spielberg that he actually had three ideas for three separate movies - after Raiders hit big, it turned out that George Lucas was talking about of his ass. Given the success of the first Indy movie, though, fans were clamouring for another, and so Lucas set about coming up with a new idea for the next installment. Before Temple of Doom became a thing, then, Lucas originally pitched the plot for a movie that might've been titled "Indiana Jones and the Lost World." Which is to say, an Indy movie about freakin' dinosaurs. Can you imagine? Sure, we can laugh and say that that sounds super ridiculous and unrealistic, but we'd take dinosaurs any day over FREAKIN' ALIENS. Anyway, the plot was supposed to kick into gear with Indy involved in a motorbike chase on the Great Wall of China (sounds pretty awesome, to be honest), whereupon our hero would eventually find himself discovering a hidden valley filled with prehistoric beasts. When China refused filming permission, the idea was scrapped. But George had another idea...

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