10 Indications The Golden Globes Have Given Us For The Oscars

What can we surmise from the recent Golden Globes award results regarding the Oscars? This stuff, perhaps.

This past Sunday night, the 71st Annual Golden Globes ceremony were held, which means we are well and truly on the path to the mother of all awards ceremonies, the Academy Awards. Sure, we€™ve already had some smaller and local ceremonies for various film circle critics, but the Golden Globes are that first awards on the road to the Oscars that actually some carry weight, and are handy when it comes to trying to paint a picture of what the Academy Award nominees and potential winners might look like. This year€™s ceremony was no different and it offered up some really interesting indications to chew on. As usual, the winners ranged from the obvious locks to the disappointing upsets (with some dark horses pulling out surprise deserved wins), making for an all-around enjoyable watch. But what exactly does it all spell for the 86th Annual Academy Awards, which are to be held on March 2nd? That's exactly what I'm here to explore. I want to give you a definitive outlook on who is primed to take home an Oscar next month and who has fallen behind in the race. So let's start with...

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