10 Indications The Golden Globes Have Given Us For The Oscars

10. Alfonso Cuaron Winning Best Director For Gravity Does Not Guarantee Him The Oscar

Trailers for Gravity were met with a lot of pessimism and uncertainty for a multitude of reasons. Whilst some were completely turned off by the premise of a film that had Sandra Bullock hyperventilating for 90 minutes, others just didn€™t understand how a plot consisting of one person alone and forsaken, stranded in deep space, could sustain its intrigue without repetition. The film proved critics and audiences alike wrong on both accounts as Sandra Bullock delivered a gripping performance - more on that later - while Director Alfonso Cuaron crafted an experience so exhilarating and full of mind-bending cinematography techniques, it essentially transcended the boundaries of what we currently call modern filmmaking. The classification term €œmovie magic€ has seemingly disappeared from many modern films - especially blockbusters - but Gravity embodies everything that term stands for leaving us speechless and baffled at how they accomplished filming 90% of the movie. It seems that Cuaron€™s peers recognize these astronomical contributions to cinema, too, as he was awarded a Golden Globe for directing Gravity. That means less than you think, though, as the two panels have not agreed on the Best Director category since 2008, when Danny Boyle won both awards for Slumdog Millionaire. Last year, Argo wasn't even nominated for Best Director at the Oscars - despite Ben Affleck winning the Golden Globe.

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