10 Most Inept Film Directors

Ed Wood Johnny Depp Much fun is to be had with inept directors, whether is is wetting yourself laughing at their terrible films or putting out a petition for them to retire. What is amusing to note about inept directors is their profligacy and intestinal fortitude. The critics may hate them but they keep on beavering away adding new inept films to their repertoire whether people like it or not. Most of the directors in this list are cult directors. There may be terrible directors working in mainstream Hollywood. I don't know mainstream so I can't comment upon them, but I would be interested if you told me about them below. Feel free to add your very own inept director and enjoy the list!

10. Ulli Lommel

Uli Lommel Given a break by Fassbinder as an actor, Lommel starred in many Fassbinder films which I quite enjoy, being a student of the German language. When Fassbinder died, left with no roles to fill, Lommel turned director and this is when it begins to get decidedly dodgy. His film, Die Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe was critically acclaimed and gathered a cult following. Lommel moved to America to see what he could do. He released a load of very mediocre films (apart from The Boogeyman which I will admit was a fun movie) right up into the 1990s and beyond - concentrating on horror. He is on his list primarily because of his dire direct to video Serial Killer films which are horribly directed, insipid and inept. Lommel gives serial killers a remarkably shallow treatment that reveals nothing about the subject and simultaneously bores the arse off the viewer. Utterly pointless as a director.

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