10 Infamous Movie Moments That Prove You Should Avoid Marriage

This Is 40 Rudd When people think of marriage they think of having a best friend being there for you through thick and thin, having beautiful children, having someone who loves you for who you are and indispensable sex. However, that fantasy is hardly the case and marriage takes work--a lot of work. You have to think about finances, careers, adultery, lack of sleep if you have children, letting go of your dreams, keeping the love alive, and how people change as time passes on. If those reasons are not enough, all you have to do is watch these 10 Infamous Moments to confirm that perhaps, marriage may not be a good idea.

10. The Wedding Singer - Robbie Sings Somebody To Kill Him, Please

Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) loves weddings and the idea of marriage. So much so, he has made a career out of it and becomes the beloved Wedding Singer in town. When Robbie's own wedding comes up, he is ecstatic to start the rest of his life. His pending bride? Not so much. Linda (Angela Featherstone) decides that she doesn't want to get married last minute so she stands him up at the altar. The reason, she tells him a day later, is because "I never want to marry you". Ouch. Robbie uses this devastating information to pen the song 'Somebody Kill Me'. Sample lyrics include 'But it all was bullshit/ It was a goddamn joke./ And when I think of you Linda/ I hope you f**king choke.'

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