10 Infamous Movie Plot Holes That Have Simple Explanations

Plot holes? Not really.

Die Hard Hans 2
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As much as online film discourse can be enriching and enhance the meaning of the movies we watch, it also becomes an arena for people to voice their discovery of supposed "plot holes" - whether reasonable or not.

By 2020, it feels like the term has lost all meaning, given how many believe a plot hole to be something which simply isn't explained to the audience, rather than an aspect of the story which actually breaks its internal logic.

These 10 movies, all classic works of cinema, have been raked over the coals by fans convinced they've found a narrative-derailing plot hole which makes it impossible to ever think about them the same way again.

But alas, this just isn't true at all, because these 10 apparent plot holes all have perfectly reasonable explanations, whether a result of basic deduction or the filmmakers themselves actually chiming in to clear things up.

Occam's razor states that the simplest solution to a problem is usually the right one, and that's absolutely the case with these 10 supposed lapses in story logic...

10. Why Does Buzz "Play Dead" Despite Not Believing He's A Toy? - Toy Story

Die Hard Hans 2

The "Plot Hole"

If Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) doesn't believe that he's a toy, then why does he still play dead whenever humans enter the room? If he truly believes himself not to be a toy, wouldn't he quickly ruin the ruse for everyone and cause chaos?

The Explanation

It's been apocryphally suggested - albeit unproven - that an earlier draft of the movie's script saw Buzz playing dead in order to assimilate to the natural customs of the "planet" he landed on.

But a far more concrete answer was offered up by Lee Unkrich, who co-edited the first two Toy Story movies and directed the third.

According to Unkrich, Buzz's behaviour is governed by sheer involuntary instinct, a behaviour inherent in the creation of toys that's seemingly as natural as breathing is for humans:


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