10 Infamous Movie Star And Director Bust-Ups

Disagreements and scandals that rocked Hollywood.

It's not uncommon for actors and directors to have conflicts of interest when it comes the film medium. Anyone halfway involved in the industry will tell you that this is simply part of the process. These differences of opinion are usually solved quickly, amicably, and respectfully. Sure, sometimes things get a little tasty. But on occasion, they get downright ugly and personal. Yep, there's an ugly side to Hollywood. Behind the glitz and the glamour, the stars and the screens, the champagne and the smiles. There's a dirty underbelly to this seemingly glamorous society - this world of chattering cameras, pearly white teeth, and designer shoes clipping heel to toe across long, soft red carpets. It rarely manifests itself as little more than hearsay or Chinese whispers, but when this ugly side does rise to the surface, boy it is it intriguing. With enormous fame and talent, sometimes comes greed and arrogance. And when an ego-maniacal star and director end up together on set, things can occasionally erupt in unique, and volatile ways. Listed below are some of the most infamous spats between stars and directors that have occurred over the years, ranging from mutters to the press, to cruel games of verbal tennis, all the way up to physical violence and bloodshed.

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