10 Infamous Movie Star And Director Bust-Ups

10. Wesley Snipes vs David S. Goyer

Few have fallen from grace quite like Wesley Snipes. After starring in a long list of assembly-line thriller films smattered with the odd gem, his career took a sharp nosedive after the third entry in the Blade franchise, and after featuring in a bunch of forgettable direct-to-DVD action B-movies, the star was imprisoned for tax evasion in 2010. It's easy to see why Snipes' career plunged to an all-time low after Blade:Trinity when you consider his perplexing behaviour on the film's set. Ryan Reynolds barely saw his co-star during production, with Snipes preferring to lounge around in his trailer puffing away on marijuana. Whenever director David Goyer called for him to appear, Snipes would instead send notes to him explaining what to do instead, all complete with the sign-off "From Blade". When he did turn up on set, Snipes went as far as calling the production racist, and even threatened to strangle the director if he didn't cooperate. Snipes was often a delightfully bad-ass watch back in the day, but he's got a hell of a lot of work on his hands to get back on his feet. His nineties thriller days landed him a role in Expendables 3 recently simply due to the franchise's desire for old-school actors, but with a criminal record looming over him and problematic reputation to boot, it's difficult to see Snipes featuring in a prestigious lead role any time soon. As for Goyer, he went on to contribute to a little film series named Batman. You might have heard of it.

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