10 Insane Deleted Scenes That Thankfully Didn't Make The Final Film

Michael Fassbender in a dress? No thanks.

20th Century Fox

From what camera angles to use, to how they like their Frappuccino Mocha Latte, directors have a million and one decisions to make when creating a film. But one of the hardest choices for a director to make is, when all is said and done, which scenes should be consigned to the cutting room floor.  

By the time principal photography wraps, filmmakers often find themselves with seemingly endless footage, which they then have to take into the editing room to cut down to a manageable length. The subsequent decision to remove scenes doesn't always come down to a basic need for a shorter movie. Sometimes a scene can slow the pace down or simply not mesh tonally with the other sequences. 

While there are many deleted gems out there (any extended footage of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is always a plus), oftentimes a movie benefits from a scene's exclusion. Watching some deleted scenes you can’t help but wonder how they got filmed in the first place, so out of whack with the rest of the film as they seem to be.

Here are ten deleted scenes for which everyone should be thankful were left out of the final cut - from a so-called hero pulling a gun on the women he has sworn to protect, to one of your favourite slasher icons confusingly growing a pair of breasts. 


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