10 Insane Flashpoint Moments We Need To See In The Flash

The Flash will deliver DC's own Multiverse of Madness, but what comics moments should be included?

The Flash Martha Wayne Joker
DC Comics / Warner Bros.

DC is about to launch its own Multiverse of Madness when the much-anticipated The Flash drops in 2022.

While details of the plot remain vague, the studio has confirmed that the Flash will adapt elements from 2011's event comic, Flashpoint, which leaves the door open for a whole host of insane plot developments.

Flashpoint served as a reboot for the DC comic universe and the comic event presented many of DC's fan favorite characters in a shockingly different light.

The story of Flashpoint concerns Barry Allen, the Scarlet Speedster, waking up in an alternate timeline he accidentally created by travelling to the past. In the new timeline, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have gone off their rockers, fighting against one another in a war that has the world on the brink of collapse. Barry must join forces with a much more violent version of Batman to try and set things right before his memories of the previous timeline are erased completely, and he's stuck in the new one forever.

Being set in an alternate reality allowed Flashpoint to throw all sorts of curveballs at readers, and DC films could reproduce a similarly mind-blowing experience if they play their cards right...

10. Captain Cold Is A Hero

The Flash Martha Wayne Joker
DC Comics

Captain Cold is a star nemesis in the Flash's rogue gallery. Possessing a freezing gun, the dastardly villain has locked horns with and, occasionally acted as an ally to, the Scarlet Speedster, but the greatest curveball DC ever threw at fans of the character occurred when he took up the mantle of Central City's greatest hero in Flashpoint.

Of course, Cold's hero turn wound up being a ruse to cover for his crimes, but introducing the character in The Flash in a heroic light could lead to a great twist over the course of the movie when he finally turns heel. Plus, DCEU could use The Flash as a launch point for Cold to appear as an antagonist or anti-hero in other DCEU films, thereby building more connective tissue for their shared cinematic universe.

This long-time Flash foe has yet to make his first appearance on the silver screen. While played with aplomb by Wentworth Miller on the long-running Flash TV series, fans have been eager to see the frosty villain make a jump to feature films, and The Flash would be a perfect place for him to make his debut.


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