10 Insane Flashpoint Moments We Need To See In The Flash

9. Thomas Wayne Is Batman

The Flash Martha Wayne Joker
DC Comics

Perhaps one of the most disturbing wrinkles caused by Barry's messing with the DC timeline was the way it radically altered the fates of the Wayne family. Rather than Thomas and Martha Wayne being killed in a mugging-gone-wrong, it is young Bruce that ultimately perishes. A grief-stricken Thomas then dons the cowl instead of Bruce with none of the former Batman's compunction about taking life.

This is a much more brutal and deranged take on the Dark Knight, with Thomas frequently dispensing justice in a manner more akin to Ben Affleck's Batman than Adam West's. However, it is Thomas Wayne's love for his deceased son that ultimately convinces him to help Barry set the timeline right.

Since we know that there will be multiple Batmen in the Flash, adapting this aspect of Flashpoint would make sense, helping the audience to avoid the confusion of having multiple Bruce Wayne's running around.

What's more, this would be a great way to instil a poignant storyline into the proceedings, with Thomas's love for his son inspiring him to reset the timeline even though it would mean being wiped from existence.


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