10 Insane Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

8. Hitchcock's Classic Was The First American Movie To Show A Flushing Toilet - Psycho

psycho toilet

When Psycho was released in 1960, it came to shock the world. Though all the murder and Freudian subtext was enough to stun audiences worldwide, the movie was also controversial for other, stranger reasons: a flushing toilet had never been put in an American movie, and Psycho set out to correct this.

Toilets are, by association, disgusting, you see, and God forbid that anybody ever put one in a movie, right? Which means that there was probably somebody in the audience watching this movie thinking, "Oh, man, a flushing toilet? The implications are horrific!" According to movie lore, Psycho's screenwriter was so adamant to get a flushing toilet into the horror classic, that he purposely wrote a scene that was based around such a thing occurring, when Janet Leigh's Marion Crane wishes to dispose of some torn up pieces of paper. Controversial, hm?


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