10 Insane Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

7. Michael Myers' Mask Was Just A Captain Kirk Mask Painted White - Halloween

William Shatner Halloween Mask

Halloween is considered to be a defining work of the horror genre. Aside from its brilliant construction, eerie musical score, and iconic opening sequence, it's Michael Myers (and his spooky mask) that makes the movie what it is: terrifying.

So how did they come up with the mask? Surely it took a ton of time and heaps of effort to craft something so iconic? Not really! Believe it or not, but Myer's mask is actually just a Star Trek Captain Kirk mask painted white. That's it.

Tommy Lee Wallace, Halloween's production designer, had an incredibly small budget to work with, so he went and picked up the mask for $1.98. So the reason that Halloween is probably so scary, then? It's actually the spirit of William Shatner pursuing Jamie Lee Curtis around the house. Argh!


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