10 Insane Movie Fan Theories That Sort Of Make Sense

8. James Bond Is A Codename, Not A Man - James Bond Series

James Bond I didn€™t even know that this counted as an insane movie fan theory, but when I was doing my research talks of the €˜007€™ codename kept popping up, so I figured I could talk about this idea, which I personally have subscribed to since Quantum of Solace. The theory explains the multiple faces and slightly differing personality of the different Bonds, from Connery to Craig. It states that when one James Bond passes, a new agent is brought in and put under the codename James Bond and given the 007 title. Many people who used to agree with this theory walked away from it with the release of the newest Bond film, Skyfall, which has the past of the Daniel Craig bond closely examined, but another sub-theory was introduced to counter it, which I find very appealing. When a new agent is brought in to be James Bond, they put the past memories of the first Bond (presumably Sean Connery) into the new Bond, and have him live under a perpetual scenario. The similarities to the Duncan Jones epic Moon bring me to an ear-to-ear grin, and any theory that brings together one of the best movie franchises ever and one of the best science fiction movies ever gets a pass in my book.
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